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Esther Bakker I'm a Dutch expat who always wanted to start a B&B in another country. In 2010 I sold my house in the Netherlands, quit my job as a bank manager and bought a ticket to Ecuador. I lived there for a while,but it wasn't the place for me. I then decided to go for my second choice; Nicaragua. In 2011 I arrived here in Esteli, fell in love with the place, the people and bought a house. I'm an outgoing person who speaks English, Dutch, German and Spanish fluently. I used to speak French as well, but somehow when I learned Spanish, the French got a bit lost along the way :) Like I said I fell in love with Nicaragua, but I also fell in love with my boyfriend Jairo. I have known him from the first months I arrived in Nicaragua and we have been living together for some years now. Still very happy :). It has always been my pleasure to welcome people to my house and pamper them with great atmosphere, food and drinks and Jairo is also of the same spirit. So in our B&B we would like to do the same. Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask us , we would like to make you feel very welcome in our B&B. Hope to see you very soon :) Esther and Jairo

Bed & Breakfast Villa Riviera

Waterproblem solved :)

It is not a nice situation when temperatures go up and the water company is not delivering water as promised :(. Coming home after a day of hiking or having been on a tour (or even poor Jairo working in the fields all day and not being able to bathe) and then finding out that you don’t have any water….. And worse…calling the water company and them telling you …oh that problem will take more or less 3 months to solve….and you know what ‘more or less’ means in Nicaragua…….’more’ months than they tell you!!! So after bathing for some weeks with bottles (which we filled with water during the hours that we still had some) we had enough!

Fortunately in NIcaragua they sell watertanks! And with a 1100 liter tank sitting on our roof right now….problem solved :). Enjoying a nice shower at night and being able to flush our toilets at all times…we are happy :) and so are our guests. 

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Fresh fruits at our BnB

We are the proud owners of our first Papaya crop! And boy are they nice and sweet. They are so called Papaya Havaiana, which apparently have more taste than the no Havaiana type. Anyway just about 6 months ago we planted the trees and we already have had three big ripe ones. So we decided to plant some more :). 

Also the maracuja (I make a nice fresh juice with it) is giving so much fruit this year, that even Jairo is taking juice to work every day. You will get a taste of it when you arrive :)

Meanwhile the mango is finally growing as well. And although it started with just 4 mangos the first year….you can see the progress now. They are still tiny, but in a couple of months will be ready to eat!

It goes without saying that we would love to share some of these fruits with you :)

Diesel has gone off to live with Jairo's brother in Coyolito-Miraflor

What a nasty surprise we had one day, when Diesel almost got stolen! Yes, you read it correctly….stolen! That was something that never would have crossed my mind…untill a construction worker came by the house and told us they were trying to steal Diesel….

The thing was, as puppy’s have quite a bit of energy :), we frequently let Diesel roam around the neighbourhood, so as to get rid of some of these energy bursts :). The neighbourhood is safe, quiet and not a lot of traffic and so we thought this was a perfect way of keeping Diesel and our guests happy. 

Who would have thought that yellow labs are in demand though! So much that people would steal them and then sell them. And of course we did not want to take the risk of Diesel ending up somewhere where they just wanted a show dog or a dog on a chain….So we decided to take matters into our own hands and give Diesel a new home…which was not an easy decision! 

Anyway, Jairo’s brother who loves dogs was more than happy to take Diesel with him. So one day on top of the 1 o'clock bus to Coyolito, Diesel went with Jairo’s brother. I think we were more sad than Diesel. When I saw him driving away (nose in the wind and obviously enjoying himself…what a great adventure), he did not once look back! And ever since he has been with Jairo’s brother, they have been inseparate. Roaming the tomato fields and jumping in the creeks is his favourite passtime :). Jairo sees him every day when he goes to work on his tomato crops, but clearly Diesel is more interested in his new life and the other dogs :). So all’s well that ends well and in the end one should not be selfish. Considering his quality of life, his freedom is what Diesel deserves more than us not wanting to let him go….

New wheels :)!

As of August we have some new wheels for our guests!

As a lot of guests travel by bus and don’t have transportation of their own, we decided to make things a little easier for our guests.  The scooter is for 2 persons and will take you in and around town. Esteli is somewhat widespread and if you take a couple of taxis a day (times 2 persons) it can easily add upp. So it can be worthwile to rent out the scooter sometimes.

The scooter is 20$ for a day (you can bring it back at midnight :), 15$ for half a day and $10 per hour. The longer you rent the cheaper it is. If you want to rent it for more than a day, I am sure we can work something out :). It is not to be used in the mountains. If you want to go to Miraflor we also have a 200cc motorbike :) which you can rent for the same price. This one will take 2 persons up to Miraflor easily :)

So just let us know if you want to take these wheels (either of them ) for a ‘spin’…….

see you at the BnB!

They have finally arrived :)!!!!

They finally arrived!!!!!

Yesterday late afternoon, after several calls and several dissapointments (Simon will be glad to see them on the roof :), the tiles arrived!!!!

Because of the rain that can start any day now, Jairo wanted to put them on the roof straight away…..who was I to say no ;)

So now it is just a matter of ‘wait and see’ when the rain falls….because only then it will show which ones are leaking and have to be changed. We have got some spare ones :)

But for now I will enjoy myself in the hammock, without getting my face burned :)

Great guests and projects :)

For the last week we had Su-Yin and Simon stayed with us. They originally intended to stay a couple of days, but decided to stay longer and asked us if they would be able to help us out doing chores :)……what a blessing!!!

Simon already helped Jairo make the extension of the porch (the roof-tiles are being delivered on monday and are in the oven right now :). Su- Yin helped me get my website up to date and got the blogs that I lost back. And now they are painting one of the rooms :) The thing is, the guests have been killing quite a few mosquitos on the walls. Not knowing that when I cleaned the spots, the paint would come off as well….so now we are painting with an oil based paint. The mosquitos will be wiped off but the paint won’t :)!!!





Introducing Diesel

Hello, I would like to introduce myself…my name is Diesel, although sometimes they call me full injection and I really don’t understand why…

I met Esther and Jairo on the 6th of April when I was lying in my bench in downtown Managua. Jairo came out of the car to look at me and the other puppies. When he picked me up I really liked his smell and he was very ‘bitable’….So I was very glad when they took me home with them. Now I live in Esteli where it is so much cooler and I have lots of toys and nice food. And the best part is…I get to sleep with my boses in their room. I fooled them a bit the first two nights…Did a lot of whining and then they felt sorry for me:). Also because I broke out of the place they kept me. I think they did not like me sleeping in the lounge chairs nor in the hammock for that matter. But I have my own fleece blanket now and everytime I want to go out at night, I just tap Jairo’s leg or back and he let’s me out. The other people that stay with them are also very nice.  I especially like Su-Yin she is from a country very far away which they call Australia. Her boyfriend Simon is also very nice and they do nice back and tummy rubs. I think I am gonna stay here at the B&B with Jairo and Esther. Although they need a little bit of training yet to understand what I really want and like (Jairo’s socks for example which they keep snatching away from me). And I honestly don’t know why they won’t let me open the can of dog food myself (which I have proven that I can). That would be so much less work not having to feed me. I can do that! Anyway, as I said I think I am going to stick around, so maybe I will see you very soon? I Hope so, because I really like meeting new people! More people that can rub my belly :)

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