Esteli - Managua Expreso Bus Timetable

leaves from the Cotran Sur.

4.45 am
5.45 am
6.45 am
7.15 am
8.45 am
9.45 am
12.15 pm
2.15 pm
3.15 pm

Esteli - Somoto Bus Timetable

leaves from the Cotran Norte.

6.45 am
11.30 am
1.30 am
3.00 pm
4.05 pm
4.40 pm

Somoto to Esteli
Buses to Somoto go frequently during the day. There is a bus leaving at 7.30 that most tourists take to get to the Canyon. And they usually plan to be back at the busstation in Somoto before 3.15 pm to catch the latest espresso bus back to Esteli.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Esteli - Miraflor
leaves from the Cotran Norte or behind the gas station Uno near the B&B
5.45 am
12.00 pm
2.00 pm 
3.45 pm

6.40 am
7.30 am
11.45 am
4.30 pm

Esteli - Tisey 

6.30 am
1.30 pm

Tisey- Esteli

8.00 am
4.00 pm

In general the rule is, that almost all the buses going south again (in the direction of Managua or Granada), leave from the Cotran Sur. The buses that go North (Somoto Canyon or Honduras) leave from a different bus station; Cotran Norte.          
Tica bus, King Cross, etc leave from the gass station just outside the residential area (the formar Texaco gas station, which is now in fact called Uno). 

Tica Bus information in Esteli:

½ block north of the Esteli Drug Store
Teléfono: (505) 2713 -7350



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