Esteli Cigar capital of the world......

Some claim that Esteli is cigar capital of the world and has even 'overthrown' the Cuban cigars. True or not, Esteli is producing some of the finest cigars in the world, which a lot of afficionados can vouch for. Every year cigars are being rated world wide and some of the Estelian cigars are definitely to be found in the top ten of highest ranked cigars.

Whether you are just a lover of cigars or a cigar blender/manufacturer, you are more than welcome to stay at our B&B and we will do all we can to let you be a happy smoker :)

In the past we have had people visit us and just wanted to see the process of making a cigar (even without being cigar smokers themselves). We also had guests stay that visit the yearly PURO SABOR in january. And lately we have had quite a few guests that started making their own liga!! How cool is that!! I am proud to say that our patio has played a small part in the 'giving birth to' Hermosa Cigars,  Jas Sum Kral, Prendelo, Que Vida Cigars and some other great cigars.

Visiting a cigar factory

While in Esteli you can visit on of the cigar factories and watch how cigars are being hand might even get to roll one yourself :) Maybe you even have some connections in the cigar industry..... Depending on whether you want to visit a boutique factory or a more bigger factory at Treehuggers tours (part of Hostal Luz and Luna), you can make your choice.

During some of the summer months you can even see the tobacco fields not far from the Bed and breakfast.

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