Miraflor Tour

Jairo lived in Miraflor most of his life and knows a lot about the area and the people. He can take you up to Miraflor by bus (the way in which most of the people that live there travel....and an adventure in itself :). You leave at 5.30 with Jairo from the bed and breakfast to the busstation. Packed with a breakfast package, you take the bus up to the nature reserve in about 1,5 hour. At one of the highest areas in Miraflor you will get of the bus and do several hikes and see several beautiful places. You will eat at a local finca (farm), where they will provide a warm lunch. After lunch there will be some time to relax or walk some more. Depending on how you feel and what you want to do. Around 5 you will be back in Esteli. The tour is 15$ pp (minimum of 2), not including the busfare (3$), lunch 5$ and entrances to private properties (app. 3$). Some of the most beautiful sights are on private property and the owner's ask a little for entering their properties. Usually not more than 10 or 20 cordobas...

Somoto Canyon

The Somoto Canyon is definitely worth a visit if you have another day to spare! It is easy to do from here and we can help you set up a tour. There is a 2, 4 and 6 hour tour that you can do and it includes a lunch at the end of the tour. You take the bus at 7.30 from the Cotran Norte in Esteli and at the busstation in Somoto someone will be waiting for you to take you to the Canyon. The tour (depending on the hours) is between 25$ and 30$ pp (not including trasportation to and from Somoto).

Cigar Factory Tour

Esteli is cigar capital of the world and some of the world's most famous brands are rolled here.

If you want to book a cigar tour and help the local community at the same time, book a tour through the treehuggers tours in Esteli. They are part of hostal Luz and Luna and do great work for the local community.

Horseback riding in Nature reserve San Roque at the Henderson& Reed Ranch

In the nature Reserve of San Roque just 10 minutes away from the city centre by pickup, is the ranch Henderson&Reed. We can arrange for you to take a tour through the area on horseback, which is approximately a 2 hour tour. You will be picked up and brought back to the Bed and Breakfast. The costs per person is 35 dollar.

 Sightseeing and helping the local community 

El Salto de Estanzuela

The Salto de la Estanzuela is the most popular day trip from Esteli. It is about a 1.5 hour hike through rolling hills with great views. The road that leads up there starts just beside the hospital, at the south end of town (see below pictures). If you follow the road for 4km (there is a fork in the road after about 1.5 km but the falls are signposted...go right) eventually the falls are signposted again on your right, through the gate, where you will need to pay 20 Cordoba per person to the villagers. If you follow the path down from here (and  your ears!) you will reach the waterfall. There is also a secondary spot to swim which is quieter just off the same road in between the falls themselves and the entrance gate, on your left hand side (again you can hear water from the path). There are also busses that run up to Tisey which pass the entrance if you do not fancy walking, or traffic allowing hitch a ride up there. The taxi from outside Villa Riviera on the main road to the hospital cost us 20 Cordobas.

Note: during the rainy season the waterfall can become somewhat muddy and the pool as well.

The falls, the entrance from the highway and the main entrance.       

This information was provided by Alex ( thanks again :)!
When guests ask me what they could do for sightseeing in just one day, I usually suggest the waterfall combined with a visit to La Casita. If you get back from the hill road and get back on the Panamericana, just take a taxi (in the direction of Managua) to La Casita ( no more than 20 cordobas per person).
La Casita is a place where you can have breakfast or lunch. They serve wholewheat bread, homemade yogurt and delicious chai tea. The setting is really nice in a garden with little tiled roofs and great places to stroll and sit and enjoy the different plants, flowers and trees. Really quiet and nice place to relax, especially after you  have hiked up or down the hill road leading to the waterfall :)!
As I said, great to visit both places in one day.

Tisey, La Garnacha

La Garnacha is at the end of bus route that you take up to Tisey, and it is possible to take a tour and learn how they make their wonderful cheese which is sold in Tisey. Getting there is the same bus that reaches the waterfall and the eco posada, as on the next page. They also have rooms and food services available which we have not sampled.

Tisey, Alberto Guitierrez

Alberto has been making carvings in the rocks for over 30 years in Tisey, and has an impressive garden and series of walkways he is very enthusiastic to show tourists around. He is rightly very proud of his work and it's interesting to visit and witness his catching enthusiasm. He is well known in the area, and he is accessed from a gate on the main road (where the bus passes), a few minutes past the turn for the eco posada in Tisey. The bus drivers and locals know of him so it’s fairly easy to find. Once going through the gate you follow the path straight (on a downward angle) through the field and another gate and down into a small rocky road (and yet another gate) and after a few minutes on a rough road his house is (signposted) on the right. It seems like you are heading into countryside with nothing in front of you but if you follow the logical path you will eventually find him. We left a small gratuity for his time. The bus is the same bus that goes to the eco posada, details on the next page.


Other recommendations and links:

Check it out :)!


In 2013 I had two guests from Holland who visited Granada and got really touched by an organisation called La Esperanza.
As a result they started a foundation called Nica-Friends which supports  La Esperanza to help children from the poor areas in 
Granada to get a fair chance at reasonable education.

It is completely run by volunteers who have taken a heart to this cause and of course need all the help they can get.
If you feel like helping these children as well, please take a moment to visit their website (as mentioned above)
where they have all the information.

Hostal and Botanica Jazmin at Poneloya beach near the city of Leon.

For great Nicaraguan cigars: Hermosa Cigars produced by one of our guests and now dear friend Scott,  visit:

www.etsy.com/shop/bluedaisyglass or www.foksy.com/shops/bluedaisyglass for great glass pendants etc.
And don't miss the blogging site of her two sons!!!! thebloggingbrothers.blogspot.com 


The Library Bus – El Libro Volador

Library Bus – The Flying Book is a mobile library service that provides the opportunity for children from communities around Esteli to borrow books. This unprecedented access to books encourages and inspires children to be excited about learning, and opens possibilities for their future. Currently the project is working in Miraflor Nature Reserve in the municipality of Estelí, and the communities of El Coyolito and La Concordia, belonging to the department of Jinotega.  The Library Bus will also coordinate educational workshops with local community leaders, youth and teachers, focusing on creative artistic projects, health and nutrition, as well as non-violence and domestic abuse.  More information on the Bibliobus website and facebook 

If you want to help the library bus, they are in need of Spanish children's books in hardback. If you could bring some it would be highly appreciated!!!

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